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Parallel Lines

 Acoustical Consulting Services

Room Acoustics

Provide guidance on selection, placement and quantity of finishes and room shaping elements, to achieve your desired goals for speech, music or any other programmed needs.

Sound Isolation

Select the proper materials and methods for construction assemblies, to effectively block noise from adjacent spaces.

Background Noise 

Address noise-generating sources such as HVAC ductwork , mechanical equipment, plumbing fixtures, electrical equipment, to achieve a quiet environment.

Speech Privacy

When privacy matters in offices and other open settings, we can help you develop strategies to achieve a suitable work or learning environment.

Exterior Noise

Assess, measure and provide recommendations for exterior facades and roof-ceiling assemblies, to create a distraction-free environment.


Early planning is critical, to develop imaginative and cost-effective solutions for performance, event and learning spaces.

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Call us at (805) 888-2877, or get in touch with us below to learn more.

355 N. Lantana  Street, #322

Camarillo, CA 93010

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